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Ruin bar tours

The best pub crawls in Budapest are without a doubt the ruin bar tours. Ruin bars are unique to Budapest, and have that pairing of faded elegance and crumbling but splendid exteriors that this city is so well known for. If you are looking for an authentic pub crawl Budapest, this is definitely the thing to do. Many expats and locals who live in the expensive but run down inner city frequent these places; it is a meeting place for intellectuals, travellers, hipsters, young people and college students, and the atmosphere is electric. Ruin bars typically use absurd and surreal decorations as well, with that 1920s steampunk vibe being a frequent returning element in their style as well.

All Night Crash is the oldest running pub crawl in Budapest, being active since 2007, and we are the only ones organize tours dedicated entirely to ruin bars and the atmosphere they exude. We know these establishments well, having been in contact with such game changing establishments like Instant and Szimpla kert, who began the ruin bar trend, and we know where to go on any given night. So come with us and experience the haunting elegance of a bygone age through the grime of the inner city, in a safe and inclusive pub crawl through the party district of Budapest!

If you are interested in booking a ruin bar tour and seeing what the best of the inner city looks like, you can get in touch with us here:

AllNightCrash Pub Crawl Budapest, Budapest,Oktogon 1,1066, +36 70 771 1775

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