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Drogheda Dental Clinic – if you want to smile freely


If you are looking for the best solution to have your teeth treated and keep them in a healthy condition, and furthermore a reasonable price is important to you as well, then stop searching! You have found what you want: visit the following website: www.laportadental.ie. At La Porta Dental Clinic you will surely be provided the treatment you need; you can convince yourself of this if you have a look at the list of various services. Do not hesitate to browse the website to get the necessary information, nevertheless we are also at your disposal to answer any questions you have in your mind about our treatments, dentists, prices etc. You can contact us via e-mail: dental@laportabp.net or phone: 085 777 58 57. You can also visit us if you want to consult our highly trained professionals and caring staff. You should not be afraid since we provide you with a friendly atmosphere and all the state-of-the -art dental treatments that let you avoid painful interventions and allow you to smile again as much as you want.

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