Álláscentrum Egyéb kategória Budapest – street food paradise!

Budapest – street food paradise!

Eating out shouldn’t always mean a multi-course meal with a glass of wine, but every once in a while it’s good to drop by any of Budapest’s street food locales for a quick and tasty bite. Fortunately, the city boasts many delicate eateries that offer fast-and-fine food and speedy service, here we present some of them that are worth trying out. Lets begin our trip in Gozsdu udvar, the worldwide famous UNESCO site.

Fresh pastas prepared here every morning, 2Spaghi is a true Italian-style dining destination found in two distinct locales in central Budapest. Meals are not only available for devouring on the spot, but guests can pick a box of raw pasta of many varieties for takeaway.

An expansive queue lines in front of Bors Gastrobar every day at lunchtime The menu boasts a selection of gourmet soups that are served in paper cups, alongside a few options of freshly-made pastas and crispy baguettes.

Kolbice, the innovative mash-up of “kolbász” (“sausage” in Hungarian) and “burger” is based on luscious grilled beef links made from Grey cattle, along with varied toppings and sauces put between two distinctly shaped sesame-seed buns.

Green Paradise is a true blessing for vegans, testifying to the fact that meals with no ingredients of animal origin can be extraordinarily tasty. Its colorful food-truck fleet in District VII sells pastas and whopping wraps, along with delicious desserts and healthy smoothies.

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